Aryel + Austin's Outdoor Wedding

Aryel + Austin created the perfect day that reflected how much they love and cherish one another, and they intentionally kept their love at the center of the day. Every detail of they day reflected them. From the location to the food to their shoes, to the dances. Every single detail shouted Aryel + Austin in the most beautiful way. 

They got married on their family’s land in De Soto, Kansas. Their day started off with close friends and family surrounding them. They slowly decorated throughout the day as they talked and laughed together. 

A little rainstorm tried to come in and throw the day off, but this couple is literally so chill, they just laughed it off. Honestly, what a beautiful testimony to what their marriage will be. This couple truly doesn’t let anything throw them off their course. They just keep on living. 

A few hours after that, the ceremony began! This ceremony has got to be the most short yet intimate ceremony I have ever witnessed. From the moment it began these two were tearing up over their love for one another. It was beautiful while also being straight to the point. Their vows were honestly breathtaking, and were the main focus of the ceremony. 

After that, the reception began. I know it’s customary to hug people on your wedding day, but Aryel + Austin had to have hugged every single guest twice. It was obvious how loved they are by their friends and family and how much the newly weds also cared for their guests. I truly admire the way this couple carries themselves. They definitely inspired me.

Check out the video + full gallery below and let us know what you think!